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Weather in the Kratzmühle

The detailed weather for the Kratzmühle can be found here: 


Taxis in the region

Taxi Heitner Beilngries: 08461 - 1858
Taxi Greding: 08463 - 1207
Taxi Kipfenberg: 08465 - 6251



The new, clean element at our campsite. The Campingcleaner: just insert the cassette and off you go. Emptying, cleaning and back in shipshape condition. A real clean deal. The toilet cassette is hygienically cleaned and refilled with environmentally friendly material.


The Kratzmühle from the Air

Click here and view plenty of images:
The Kratzmühle from the Air - click here

The Kratzmühle from the air with plenty of images and impressions - click here


Leisure bus, hiking and cycling in the Altmühltal

Check the leisure bus timetable in the Altmühltal: click here
Explore the Altmühltal cycling path: click here
Hiking in the Nature Park discover Altmühltal: click here


Suggestions for Recreation and Sightseeing Cycling Tours Hiking

Visit the attractions of the village of Kinding and see the suggestions for recreation - click here
Visit the attractions of the village of Beilngries and see the suggestions for recreation - click here



You will find a defibrillator opposite the reception.

Canoe rental

The canoe rental is located directly in front of the campsite. Rent a canoe without booking, including the return transfer to the starting point:

phone 0170 3 42 19 23


Beverage machine

A coffee and beverage machine is immediately available to our guests, with hot and cold drinks and soups. The machines are located in the Birkenhaus at the playground at Mühlweg 3.

Fishing at the Kratzmühle

You will receive a fishing permit (permit) against presentation of a fishing license on registration.

1. Fishing can only be performed from the banks of the lake and only in a manner which avoids environmental damage. Cars are not allowed to drive up to the fishing water or the fishing area unless a public lane is available.

2. Before leaving the fishing area, please retrieve your fishing rod.

3. Fishing with live bait fish is prohibited.

4. Any undersized fish or fish caught during the biological rest period shall be immediately returned to the water.

7. Please observe the following biological rest seasons and provisions:

Pike 01.01 - 30.04. 60 cm,